Saturday, May 22, 2010


Artistic expression can take many forms. This one fascinates me. On our way to the mall, we take a shortcut through a neighborhood of modest homes. I have watched this particular home evolve with the seasons. A picture is worth a thousand words,  said by someone who either had many pictures or few words. Those of you who know me will attest to the fact that I have plenty of both.

With that in mind, let us begin.

This shot was taken a month ago. As you can see the trees are in bud, but not yet in full spring mode.
Flowers in Ohio are not yet in bloom. What then are the bright spots of color we see? Silk and plastic !
Walmart flowers are not expensive, and are available year round.

Here is another similar shot :

As you can see from a slightly different angle, there are more flowers in brighter colors.
The beauty of these flowers lies in the fact that they can be " planted " without worry of them being nipped by a late frost. No expense to water or feed. They are drought proof. Last but certainly not least, 
not likely to be filched by "plantnappers". Sorry the year round Christmas tree in the front window does not show. 

A few weeks later,Mother Nature fills in and defies Walmart imitations  ( with a vengeance I might add )

Here we have the next to the last photograph. I point out that I am still way short of 4,000 words. That is if you go with  1,000 per picture.
You will note with this one a couch has been placed to maximize the " canvas " as well as to provide  comfortable seating for those who wish to " set a spell ". A cold beer or a tall frosty glass of sweet tea is all else one could ask for! The artificial weeds at the curb lend just that casual touch to an otherwise formal tableau.

I can however attest that ANY landscape, real or not beats the heck out of our Ohio winters.

I am not a professional yard art critic. We have a gnome in the back yard. OK also a hillbilly ball (otherwise known as a gazing globe ). Let she who is without yard art cast the first GNOME.

Earlier, I spoke of seasonal decorations. I have a few thoughts to add here.
     What could bring a smile quicker than a year round Christmas tree  ?

     You will note that an American flag is flying.

      If you click to enlarge, you can see a small banner with 2 blue stars on it in a couple of the pictures
          ( 2 members of the family serving in the military )  

      If you double click on the third picture, on the stone on the right you will see it says "God Loves
      Us All ".
     Easter season saw the addition of plastic lilies and a small lath wooden cross draped with purple silk.

     Year round there is a concrete shape of the state of Ohio.

     Football season sports an Ohio State Buckeyes flag and all manner of scarlet and gray.

The porch light is always on from dusk until dawn.
God / Country / and Football.

Maybe I should knock on the door some balmy evening and invite myself in for a glass of sweet tea...
Somehow I feel I would find a warm welcome.



  1. I always wonder, when I see a house that is "different," what the people who live there are like. I wonder what the kitchen looks like, and what they are having for dinner. I also speculate about how many family members they have and what they do. I picture Thanksgiving.It seems to me that people who decorate their house like this must have big, boisterous families and lots of side dishes with the turkey. Loved your post, because it got me thinking! xo molly

  2. Water Shack Lady, welcome to the fold. I love your year long story of a yard artist at work. I will recommend you for good reading on my fan page and provide a link back on my blog.

    sniff, I am so proud.

  3. Found you via lifeshighway game. I just love that the homeowner provided a sofa for seasonal viewing. Nice reporting.

  4. A good description. You need to stop and visit.


  5. Great pics! (I also found you via lifeshighwaygame). I am usually remiss about getting the photos, but I *do* love an inspired commentary :)

  6. Sigh. I first started weeding today. Didn't get very far. I'm a bad girl. It's a good thing I have my cuteness to fall back on...

  7. Ah, the plastic flowers stuck in the ground. Where I used to live, there was a little old lady who had done that in her yard. Unfortunately, she had put them in the ground many years back and they were all faded. Not exactly the look she was going for, I don't think. Of course, I'm one to talk. My yard is full of color and it's all from weeds. It's the only thing I can't seem to kill.

  8. HOLY COW!!! I didn't know you were blogging!!!! Love this post, love YOU! Get hooked up on networked blogs and authentic blogger! I'm so happy to have you in the blogverse! *muah and hugs*

  9. Pics like this make me wonder what the owners of the house would think if they stumbled upon your post. Can you be sued for humiliation?

  10. You know what? I like that house. I really, really do.


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