Saturday, April 17, 2010


Bonnie was a heck of a lot of fun !
Bonnie was a very caring person. She was always the party organizer. Decorations, flowers, food cake entertainment. Bonnie did it all.

Her laugh was contagious. Her love of family knew no bounds. She was a loving daughter, a devoted sister, the aunt every kid wishes he had. Bonnie spoiled her niece and nephew every chance she got.

I was a late addition to the Zehring /  Fornshell clan and Bonnie welcomed me with open arms as she did everyone whose life touched hers. She just had a great love for family and friends.

Bonnie particularly loved the mountains near her Virginia home after she moved from Miamisburg, Ohio.
Bonnie took a small part of each of those she loved with her. She also left a part of herself here with all of us who were graced by her love and her laughter.

Bonnie wrote some beautiful poetry and shared many of her poems with others through her e-mails. Her cousin Pam Sparks printed and saved more than 100 of them. I asked her to send me a selection from which to choose for the service today. This is the one I chose.

                                  TODAY AN ANGEL CAME

Written by  and now offered in memory of Bonnie Zehring...

Today an Angel came and took you home with her.
She said " it's time to see your family and your Heavenly Father ".
She took your hand and led you away from all your pain,
And said your life will now be seen in the flowers and in the rain.

She held your hand so gently as she led you up above.
And said she'd see the ones you left were protected by God's love.
That they too would have Angels for comfort and for care,
Because our Father loves them all, with them His love He'll share.

So even though you have left us with your Angel as your guide,
Don't ever doubt we will miss you, we'll miss you deep inside.
We will remember all the good times and even the bad ones too.
For they are all the things which made the one and only you.

And since we missed the chance to say a last goodbye,
We send it now with love as you ascend on high.
And whenever we see a falling star shoot across the sky,
We will look up and smile...for that's you saying hi.

                               GODSPEED BONNIE !