Monday, June 7, 2010



Z.  is a fanatic about keeping our vehicles clean.  We have a fairly late model Cadillac, A 1989 Mercedes Benz, and a  6  year old pickup truck. All three are spotless inside and out.

I would wager over the past 21 years, more has been spent on keeping the 1989 car clean than it cost new.  It has seldom been out in the rain and would not recognize snow or the salt used here in Ohio to make our roads safe for winter travel. Our kids have always referred to it as " garage furniture ."

I hide whenever an errand running foray includes a trip to the dreaded car wash, mainly because of the length of time spent drying the anointed vehicle of the day.

Today I was tricked into going along. We went to run errands and Z. casually and , I am certain with malice aforethought ,  says " As long as we are up here, we might as well get the car washed. "
I grudgingly agreed after extorting a visit to the nearby Mc Donalds for a large sweet tea.

I am sipping my tea and quite content as we approach all the squirting water , flying soap and whirling brushes.  Z. lines the tires up carefully with the track which will drag us through this tunnel of CLEAN and away we go.

 I am just settling in and resigning myself to the 20 minute hand dry with towels which is de-riguer at the other end when I first feel the water.  Water, soap  and the slapping upside the head with the SOMEWHAT flexible brushes.

Seems Z. forgot to move the side mirrors in and in his haste to correct this oversight, he hits the button which rolls down the passenger side window. Rolls it ALL THE WAY DOWN.  In his defense, he was wearing sunglasses which made it hard to tell one button from another.

I immediately splutter " Roll up the window!!! "  Well maybe I said a few other words first. Let's just say neither of us hit the button as quickly as one would think.

My entire right side was soaking wet , as was much of the car's interior.   As soon as we emerge into daylight, Z. leaps out and grabs his trusty towel and begins to dry the car. I shriek in my outdoor voice " Give me the  #@%&$*  towel. " 

Z. realizes he has left his beloved drenched ( not to mention his cell phone ) and begins  to attempt to dry me off .  I yank  ummm  take the towel from him , finish drying me as well as much of the interior of the car.

The ritual 20 minute DRYING OF THE VEHICLE  then ensues, while I call my sister.  Don't we all have a go to person who will laugh with or at us and make it all better ?  We laughed until we were both almost in tears.  Gotta love sisters... gotta love a man who provides  GREAT BLOG FODDER!

I am clean.  The next time I see a carwash I'll just curl into the fetal position and hum to myself .   

NAMASTE      Kristi